Kitchenspired Cooking School

Do you want to eat healthy foods but don’t know how to get started in the kitchen? Do you know that you need to eat out less but are intimidated by ovens and pans and whisks? Do you need some healthy basics in the kitchen but don’t know where to look?

whisk and spatulaThe Kitchenspired Cooking School is here for you!

In the Kitchenspired Cooking School, you will:

  • Learn basics of cooking in the kitchen
  • Learn several basic staple recipes that are quick, easy, & delicious
  • Learn to make healthy, educated decisions in the grocery store
  • Most importantly, learn how to have FUN cooking and not let it intimidate you any further!

What is involved in the Kitchenspired Cooking School?

  • One 90-minute night a week for 5 total weeks in Waco, Texas
  • Starts on January 21st and ends February 18th
  • Thursday evenings at 5:30- 7pm
  • Location will be emailed to participants once registered
  • Samples and tastes of everything we make together
  • Hands-on cooking demos, recipes, and even grocery shopping tips/info to help answer your questions about healthy cooking!


  • One-time session (any of the classes in the 5-week time) drop-in: $30
  • Total Cooking school participation (includes all 5 classes): $125


  • January 21st= We will go through each component of a meal and how to build a healthy meal at home, followed by a little talk-through of kitchen basics (utensils, pans, pots, cooking jargon, etc.); Together we will make a simple dinner dish which will include a flavorful baked stuffed chicken breast, roasted sweet potatoes and garlic-roasted brussel sprout/broccoli mix.
  • January 28th= This session will be all about that meat! We will learn how to cook different meats and proteins, then actually brown some ground meat– a good basic skill to have in the kitchen. Together we will make a flavorful meal of spicy tilapia tacos with peach salsa and healthy cole slaw.
  • February 4th= Grocery shopping time!! This week we will talk through a healthy grocery shopping trip and how to navigate that tricky & overwhelming grocery store! Then we will talk breakfast in the kitchen and make a breakfast basic- A veggie-packed frittata.
  • February 11th= This week’s theme is meal prep! We will learn what meal prepping is and why it is important for our wallets and busy schedules. On the menu this evening will be a flavorful kale quinoa salad (including how to cook quinoa), easy hard-boiled eggs, roasted veggies and salmon patties that will make your taste buds sing all week!
  • February 18th= To finish our time together, we will talk through how to throw together meals in a pinch when you don’t necessarily have a recipe or a plan. To go with this discussion, we will make two variations of my “throw-together” meals– Turkey burgers and veggie & chicken stir-fry.

Important Note: This course is not intended to teach advanced cooking skills, so if you have a solid base of cooking knowledge, this course is not for you. Kitchenspired Cooking School is intended to help people who have spent a very small amount of time in the kitchen, preferably college students and young adults, and will cover very basic skills in the kitchen to help you feel more comfortable. No fancy chopping or knife skills here!

Additionally, this course takes place in-person in Waco, TX. This is not an online course.