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wible-67Hello friends! My name is Alexa. I am a simple girl from central Texas who loves Jesus, my husband, quality time, coffee, fitness and health, driving stick shift, early mornings, & cats.

I am not an expert cook. I learned to cook out of necessity when I got married in 2011. I actually was a horrible cook, but my sweet husband was patient with me as I learned through plenty of trial & error. That is true love, my friends. Lucky for him, trial and error worked out as I eventually learned how to cook on my own, and am still learning today. That being said, I love creating SIMPLE recipes. We live busy lives and I don’t have all day to sit around and make an expert meal. I need simplicity!


To be honest, I don’t follow a strict guideline on what I eat in my diet. If anything, I could possibly be labeled as eating a “clean” or paleo diet 80% of the time. I believe that food is for enjoying and for fueling your body. As a group fitness instructor, I understand the importance of using food as fuel for the body and the reality that what I eat affects how energized I am & how well I perform. On the flip side, as a half Puerto Rican who grew up with celebrations & family connections around a really delicious meal, I understand the importance of enjoying food and celebrating life with the ones we love. We can learn the balance!

My food philosophy is fairly simple. I don’t live with a restriction mindset of “I can’t eat this” or “I have to avoid that”—in my experience, this mentality has never worked in making me healthier, more energized, or motivated to make healthy choices. Instead, I like to focus on foods and nutrients that I need MORE of and work what I eat around that. If you focus all day every day on what you are NOT supposed to eat, then you are more tempted (& likely) to indulge in those things because you are fixated on them. Instead, I take on the mindset that when I focus on the things my body needs (nutrient-dense foods, leafy greens, superfoods, fruits & veggies, etc.) then I will be more likely to eat those things and find out ways to incorporate them in my diet.

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I call this blog Kitchenspired because I believe everyone is inspired by something. We all have a God-given ability and desire to envision and create. Over time, I’ve realized that my outlet of creativity & inspiration is through cooking and creating yummy meals with good ingredients. I love thinking of the possibilities!

I hope that you find this blog to be helpful in creating healthy, simple, easy, and DELICIOUS meals. I hope you find it to be a place where we can learn together how to make healthy and good choices when cooking for our families. I hope you can come here when you are in a time crunch or a creativity slump and need something easy and healthy to make. I don’t post a recipe on here unless it is husband-approved (and whoever else volunteers their services to try out my recipes). Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So nice to find your blog, Alexa. It’s particularly refreshing & encouraging to find a Jesus follower who is also “Paleo-ish” in dietary beliefs. I mean, Moses didn’t have a refrigerator so the same principles apply w/o the evolution belief.


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