Pregnancy Recap Weeks 22-25!

Hello my faithful readers!

So glad to be chatting with you guys today! I’m personally excited that it’s fall ( hello September!) Has anyone started with the pumpkin madness yet? Fess up, this is a safe place #pumpkinallthethings

One thing I’m currently LOVING is my FREE online Facebook accountability group called #StrongSeptember !!! We have a such a great group of ladies in there and my goal is to provide free resources, hold each other accountable, communicate about our goals, and answer questions to have the best September yet! Click here and request to join the group if you want to be a part for the last two weeks!


I don’t have a recipe for you guys today, BUT I thought I would check in for a little pregnancy recap since a month has already gone by since my last one. If you missed the First Trimester recap, weeks 13-16, and weeks 17-21, make sure you check those out!

Pregnancy Recap Weeks 22-25
(Note- this will be my last recap of second trimester before we enter the third! Whoa baby!)


  • Anxiety– I feel generally very good physically, but have struggled this past month with unexplained anxiety! It’s not caused by me thinking about baby, labor, pregnancy, or anything like that. If anything, I would say I feel overwhelmed at other things in life and then this deep anxiety rises up, making me short of breath, immediately overwhelmed, and want to go home STAT. It’s been exhausting me emotionally!
  • Emotional– to go with the anxiety, I’m just a little more tender/ emotional overall. I read a book (Wonder) about a little boy with a deformed face who starts public school for the first time, and I cried most of the way through. Haha! I am not a very emotional person in general- I don’t cry very much or get worked up- and I’ve cried a lot over the past few weeks!
  • Pregnancy brain– I forget a lot more things and sometimes feel like I can’t talk or get the words in my brain out of my mouth…. haha!! Please don’t be offended if I forget your name or have met you before and don’t remember!
  • Veins– my veins are big and blue all over my hands, arms, chest, belly, and even more visible on my legs!
  • Bad skin– my face has been breaking out more. I don’t have any discoloration, but I notice more blackheads and pimples and red marks! I think also the anxiety makes me break out a lot more, so these days I’m trying to touch my face less, drink more water, and take better care of my skin!

I am still working out 6 days a week, especially now that it’s #StrongSeptember (follow along on my Instagram account). My workouts are mostly lifting, Crossfit style workouts, mixed with some treadmill intervals and even subbing or attending an RPM class every now & then!
I have had to adjust burpees, push ups (not letting the belly flop onto the ground on either of those), I’ve stopped any kipping movements in pull ups, no toes to bar (only striiiict knees to elbow), and no ab movements laying on my back. Other than that I feel good and honestly can still push myself to a good sweat in workouts! I have noticed the last two weeks being more out of breath. I think there’s not a lot of room in the torso region to take good deep breaths anymore so cardio is a struggle sometimes, haha!

I feel like I literally eat the same exact thing every day! For breakfast I have eggs, lemon kale, and a cup of oatmeal. For lunch I have chicken nuggets with ketchup and a side of more lemon kale. I have some kind of afternoon snack and then at night I eat whatever I make for dinner, which I try to keep as healthy and like the meals I made before pregnancy as possible.
My diet is definitely not perfect, and I usually have a treat and/or chocolate every day, but I am actually pretty proud of how I’ve been able to still get in a good amount of vegetables, protein, fruit, and not overdo it or “eat for two.”

Products I’m Loving:

These maternity pants from Old Navy! I want like 6 more pairs stat!

This maternity sweater from Target that I will absolutely be LIVING IN this fall!

The Bella band

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea– already started drinking this iced every day for strong contractions (later) and easier delivery!


22 Weeks


23 Weeks


24 Weeks


25 Weeks


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