We’re Pregnant! 1st Trimester Recap

So if you haven’t heard the news yet on Facebook or Instagram, I AM PREGNANT!


It is crazy and shocking and exciting all at the same time. We are so excited for Baby Wible to arrive around December 27th! (yep, Christmas baby)

I want to do occasional recaps of how pregnancy is feeling, changes that are happening, products/things I’m loving or that are helping, cravings/aversions, workouts, health, and anything else! I want it so we have record of the things happening in this pregnancy, but also I know when I first found out I was pregnant and all throughout my first trimester, I searched and searched for people’s stories about how they were dealing with symptoms and what was normal. I know nothing! Maybe this will help someone who just found out they’re expecting and wants to ask questions but is still keeping things under the radar. 😉


I am, thankfully, now in my second trimester, but I wrote this while in first trimester.

First Trimester Recap


  • Nausea- I was nauseous basically every day. Some days are worse than others, but I am usually nauseous every two hours if I didn’t eat. Also, I wouldn’t necessarily call it morning sickness, since I actually feel my best in the morning and then the sickness gets worse as the day goes on. Usually by 7 PM I just want to be at home in bed and not eat anything. I only threw up one day, so I’m thankful for no consistent throwing up!
  • Food aversions- The hardest part of pregnancy has been the fact that I can not stand the sight, smell, or thought of vegetables, lean proteins, or coffee. Those are like my 3 staple items in my diet! Some days the only things I can stomach are fries and chicken nuggets and saltine crackers. It has been a major shift for me, but I decided that I would rather eat something than nothing, even if it is less than healthy 🙂
  • Fatigue- I am already usually a tired person, but obviously when growing a human, you don’t have much energy left. I nap every single day for 1-2 hours and it really does help.


Thankfully, I have still been working out 5-6 days per week consistently. My workouts have shifted a ton, since I was used to doing 2+ hours per day of high intensity training and heavy lifting (mainly Crossfit-style workouts). Since being pregnant, lifting heavy completely exhausts me, meaning I do just one or two reps and I’m toast for the rest of the day. I feel my best when I do cycling, running intervals on a treadmill, or AMRAP-type workouts with lots of reps, high volume, and where I’m moving consistently for a long period of time. So that’s what I’ve been doing! Also, I’ve had to be super aware of not over-heating, which means nothing where I’m outdoors (at least during the summer).

Here are two examples of a workout that has worked for me:

AMRAP (as many rounds & reps as possible in) 25 minutes:
200m run (about 1/8 mile)
20x bench press at 45# bar
20x box jumps
20x barbell Romanian Deadlifts @ 65#
[I finished exactly 5 full rounds in 25 minutes]

10x reps all the way to 1x rep of each:
300m row (this stays the same every round….yes you do this 10 times!)
Goblet squats (35# kettlebell)
Single arm overhead walking lunges/arm (25# dumbell)
Ab ball sit ups with Russian Twist
Plank walks over bench
[I finished this in about 42 minutes]


Like I said earlier, my nutrition is all over the place. I’m hoping to return to normal eating habits (AKA healthier eating habits) once the first trimester is over. My veggie intake has gone down a LOT, but I do love to eat fresh fruits, so I try to snack on berries, peaches, bananas, and apples as much as possible to keep my nutrient level up. I am also taking prenatal vitamins. To be honest, I’ve had my fair share of Chick-fil-a runs, french fries, and anything bready/carby. Haha! At first this was hard for me- going into pregnancy I had a lot of pregnancy ideals. I really thought cravings were all mental & that you could overcome anything like that with really good self-discipline and nutrition. Well…….that’s all wrong, and I’ve been humbled to the extreme! Haha! My mantra now is that eating something is ALWAYS better than eating nothing when you’re pregnant….even if its an order of waffle fries instead of a salad. If you can’t stomach a salad, you’re just not gonna eat it.


Products I’m Loving:

I’m not a huge product promoter, and it’s still too early to be super “into” anything pregnancy-related, but here are some things I’m loving:

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

Smarty Pants Prenatal Gummy Vitamins


* These are kinda a joke at this point since I don’t really have a bump yet, BUT here they are!

8 weeks


11 weeks



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