Jicama Sandwiches and Packed Lunch Ideas!

So this past weekend, in addition to celebrating my 5-year anniversary with my husband, I competed in my first-ever Crossfit competition!! I thought I’d give y’all a recap of how that went and my thoughts coming out of it!

Some background info– I don’t do Crossfit, but my best friend Izzie is a Crossfit coach and has been doing Crossfit for around 7+ months. She’s done several competitions and has won all of them because she’s amazing! Recently, I’ve been wanting to get stronger and also switch up my workout plan. I needed a new challenge, and someone had told me that there was a Festivus partners competition, a Crossfit competition for beginners/normal athletes, coming up in October.

A few weeks ago, Izzie and I were talking and thought, what if we did Festivus together? You can either enter in novice class or intermediate, so what if we made it even MORE challenging and did intermediate? Even though at that point I hadn’t done any crossfit and had some exercises to learn (like snatches and hang cleans) I decided to start trying to “train” for the competition workouts as if I was going to do them. After going back and forth about whether we actually wanted to do the competition or not (mostly I was unsure), last weekend we finally officially signed up!

The reason I decided to go for it was this: the only thing holding me back was the fear of what other people thought. What if I completely made a fool of myself and couldn’t do the workouts? If I took away that fear, though, I was excited for the challenge. Since I never want to make decisions based off fear, we signed up.

So come this past Saturday: I won’t go into detail on each event, how we did, and what was going through my mind, but overall we did better on the endurance/cardio type events and worse on the weightlifting events (really, I did worse on the weightlifting events… Izzie completely kicked butt!) It’s so funny how different people have completely different strengths and weaknesses, and mine were apparent on Saturday!

We didn’t place, but I left feeling super happy and proud of myself. I think I kinda did actually make a fool of myself 🙂 BUT if you take that away, I am proud because I had a goal for each event. There were some exercises that I didn’t even LEARN until 3 weeks ago, and for me to complete the workout I had to PR, which I did. I did things on Saturday I have never accomplished before, and while it didn’t “compare” to the other girls in our class who have been doing Crossfit for years, I felt for me it was a huge win. Plus I got to do it with my best friend which made it all so much better.

So all that to say– comparison is really the thief of joy. The only real gauge of success for yourself is you against yourself. If we continually compare our progress and results and journey to someone else, we will always be discouraged and never enough. When we make goals based on our individual journey and abilities, then we can be proud of ourself and make progress in the right mindset.

I’m leaving the weekend not feeling the Crossfit competition “bug” (I actually am not too sure about the competition culture, not my fav), BUT I am SO ready to get back in the gym and kick butt and just keep moving forward. I am happy I met my goals this weekend but already have new goals and just gotta keep moving forward and working on those weaknesses!
On to food….
Packing a lunch these days is not just for kids anymore- us busy adults with full time jobs and budgets sometimes need some healthy and easy options to pack up and go! Today I’m giving you a look into what I pack for lunch sometimes when I’m on the go!

I love to make sandwiches with slices of jicama instead of bread. Now, I ain’t got nothing against bread, but if you want a simple way to reduce your simple carbs, add fiber, and increase your vegetable & nutrient intake, then this jicama sandwich is for you!

I like to stuff mine with sliced turkey, pepperonis, spinach, and plenty of Dijon mustard. You can stuff your with whatever you like!


  1. Grab a large jicama. If you want, you can peel the jicama first ( I do this because I don’t like the tough outer skin), but it’s not absolutely necessary. Cut the jicama in half in the middle, at the largest part.
  2. Carefully take one of the halves and cut two slices. Thinness of the slices depends on your preference! Load up one of the slices with your favorite sandwich fillings and place the other slice on top.
  3. Pack up and take with you for a healthy lunch on the go!

Some other things I like to include in a packed lunch:

  • A high-fiber low-sugar carb source, like a couple cups of plain SkinnyPop popcorn!
  • Another flavorful high-protein snack like turkey jerkey!
  • A tasty kombucha, which is an alternative to soda that supports gut health for an energized rest of your day!
  • I can’t have a meal without a little sweet treat, so I like to include a Larabar or some kind of dried fruit!

And you got yourself an easy-to-pack meal for busy people!

Be inspired,



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