What I Ate Wednesday #wiaw

Hey guys!

Hope the beginning of the year has been going well for each one of you!! My prayer has been that we approach the new year with grace towards ourselves, realistic expectations, dreaming hearts, and the knowledge that willpower is not what we need but rather the power of the Holy Spirit! I am trying to practice these things this January. Even though I’m an avid goal-setter, I personally don’t have any New Years Resolutions to list out this year. I have some short term goals, sure, but I always do. I want to be realistic with myself and gracious. Resolutions, to me, have always been a time to evaluate where I failed the last year, the things I don’t like about myself, and then make big goals to change those failures and things I don’t like. I usually end up just frustrated at myself and ending the year yet again, evaluating failure and operating in self-hatred rather than love. (Uh Anyone else?)

Honestly, I need a different approach this year. I desperately need to have grace and love towards myself, despite my failures and disappointments. Like I said in my previous post, I want to work on my character, being true to who I am, and honest about my thoughts/feelings, rather than hoping I just do & look better.

I have accumulated a list of scriptures regarding being satisfied in Jesus, finding contentment in Him, who I am in Him, body image, and strength. It’s always a work in progress as I find new things, and I know I don’t have all the answers, but I am desperate for hope and freedom! I believe the Word has the answers we need… Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, I hold on to the truth that in the midst of unknown, Jesus is the only way to truth and life. 

All that to say– anyone want this list for yourself? I am trying to figure out how to put it on here for you to download… Hoping to provide that soon! 

In other news, I bought my new favorite workout pants EVER 

Look at that color! 😍

I have a special 2-day what I ate Wednesday! Whoa!! I decided to post both days (this past Monday & Tuesday) to show that each day is different and sometimes I’m more hungry, and sometimes I’m not. I’m learning how to best listen to clues from my body and my metabolism… I know it’s not perfect but maybe you can see some ideas to implement in your lifestyle!

Monday, January 4th:

Woke up at 6:45 Am and went straight to breakfast with my friend Izzie at The Egg & I. Had lots of coffee (black) and this egg white omelette with chicken, tomatoes, green chiles, avocado on top, and a side of fruit. I chose this breakfast because I wasn’t super hungry, nor was I going to be active that morning, so I opted for a high-protein-lower-carb breakfast to start.


At about 10:30, I was a little snacky while working on stuff from the house (planning boot camps, workouts for clients, emails, etc) so I snacked on about 2 oz sliced turkey and carrot chips with my homemade roasted tomato salsa.

At around 12:30, I decided to eat lunch. I still wasn’t starving so I ate about 6 oz baked turkey breast and a huge load of roasted veggies. (And a green apple, not pictured)  I topped it with some homemade barbecue sauce.

At 2:00, I went to the gym and my friend Izzie and I practiced the new RPM! I definitely did NOT go all out (barely sweated) but was just trying to get the motions with the music. I bought a chocolate chip cookie dough Quest Bar to eat after, but I wasn’t super hungry. At 3:30, I only ate half of the Quest Bar and drank tons of water.

I took a nap, then woke up just in time to change, get ready, drink a little coffee, and get to the gym again. I coached Grit Plyo at 5:45, then taught BODYFLOW at 6:30. At 7:45ish, I ate some crock pot carnitas on top of spinach, tomatoes, and roasted vegetables with salsa on top. I finished the second half of my Quest Bar, and a little later ate about 3 handfuls of caramel corn… Ha!!

Post-popcorn,  Kipling ran out the front door and my husband chased him around our neighborhood for nearly two miles! I ran part of it with him before I ran back and started driving around to help out. Haha!! Definitely a work out 🙄
Tuesday, January 5th:

Wake up call at 5:15 AM, immediately made coffee and then made this breakfast of scrambled egg whites, chicken sausage, brussel sprouts, and spinach. I had added tons of garlic so it was mighty tasty!

I taught my boot camp from 6-7am, worked on stuff for an hour, still sipping coffee, then had to teach RPM and BODYFLOW back to back from 8:30-10:30 AM.

I came home fairly hungry at 10:45 so I made lunch- roasted turkey breast, roasted vegetables, and sautéed cabbage and sweet potatoes. With homemade barbecue sauce. This was SO GOOD!! I think I also had a green apple with PB2, but don’t remember (obvi not pictured) 

I took a nap until 1:30, had a snack of 2 oz sliced turkey breast & coffee (not pictured) then had a client consultation 2-3. Ran errands then had a personal training client from 4:45-5:45.

Made dinner at around 6:00- leftover pork carnitastopped with goat cheese,  with more Asian flavored sautéed cabbage, bell pepper, and broccoli. I sautéed these veggies in apple cider vinegar, ginger, and coconut aminos. This was SO tasty!

Had our young adult service and drank a lot of water!  
Insightful?? A lot of simple stuff, doesn’t take me much time or thought. 

Some things I noticed- I ate a lot less when I was busy, so I want to be more intentional about carrying snacks, even if I’m not super hungry. Also, this week and next will be crazy because we have launch week next week, which means lots of practicing our group fitness classes. I’m hoping after next week took take a more extended break and work out a lot less. Right now I’m trying not to push it at all when I’m practicing so that it’s not an intense workout, plus take lots of naps (as you can see above!) 

Happy hump day! 

Be inspired,



2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #wiaw

  1. Please post your scripture list! And … please tell your mom that Mimi says hello and is learning so much from her wonderful daughter. Alexa, your posts are so insightful, I can’t even explain how often your words have spoken to me and helped me.


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