Fit and Free 2016!!

I’m SO excited to share some news with y’all today! Especially for you ladies that live in Waco. Get ready for a treat!

My friend Nicki Wilson and I are hosting a fitness event called Fit and Free 2016 on Saturday, January 30th from 9am-12pm! This fresh perspective on health & fitness will be spent:

  • Identifying body image lies vs. truth
  • Learning how to best nourish YOUR body
  • Creating workouts that fit YOUR lifestyle

I am SO excited about this event because it’s holistic. For the new year we can get so caught up in physical goals- losing weight, fitting into a dress, eating healthier- that we forget a lot of times the heart behind these thoughts and actions. During this event, Nicki and I will give practical info and tools for you to feel empowered to reach those goals, while also addressing our hearts and asking God what His desire is for our thoughts about health & who we are. It’s time to get free, y’all!

Cost is $25 per lady. Refreshments and FUN will be provided! 

Want to sign up!? Click this link and fill out the form! For questions you can email

We look forward to getting free with you!! Let’s make this the best year yet! 

Be inspired,



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