Hello 2016!

Happy New Year friends and family and friends who are family! I’m praying each of you had a fun refreshing Christmas filled with fun times, memories, laughs, and of course good food. 😊

We had a great Christmas here in the Wible household! We spent some time in Waco with my in-laws and then with my family in Fort Worth for a couple days. I am refreshed even though my body needs some rest!

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A little hot yoga session felt sooooo good!

A little hot yoga session felt sooooo good!


As we come to the end of the year, I’ve been reflecting a lot on 2015, as I’m sure we all are (if you aren’t, I recommend taking some time to do so!). I’m realizing 2015 was such a strange year. Sometimes, a year is very obviously a good or bad or tough year, but I can’t pinpoint 2015. I’ve had losses, I’ve had victories, I’ve had major changes, good and bad, I’ve had relational issues and body image issues, and yet big victories in both. I’ve been super excited and envisioned for my life & purpose, and I’ve also had days where I didn’t want to wake up. I’ve drawn super close to God, but I’ve also withdrawn myself from God in other ways.

In 2015:

  • I went through some very low lows which, even though were challenging, taught me a lot about myself and my need for the grace of God.
  • Went through some big job shifts, including ending 3 of my part-time jobs, working at a restaurant for a short time, and then ending that to start my own personal training and boot camp business!
  • I got certified to teach Les Mills Grit and got my Metabolic Effect Levels 1, 2, & 3 nutrition coaching certifications. I am still learning how to coach people in nutrition, which is something I find super challenging.
  • To go with learning things about myself, I feel like I finally started to dream again and have big visions, but I have a hard time with implementation of those dreams… Even though my whole life I feel like I’m typically the other way around.
  • I stopped running & started strength training
  • I introduced a lot of foods back into my diet that I hadn’t really eaten in a long time
  • I took a 6-month blogging hiatus
  • Battled a lot of anxiety
  • I believed for breakthrough in healing for my body… And I still am.
  • I spent a lot more time napping… Lollll
  • I’ve had major vulnerability breakthrough and feel like I’ve been more honest and open than ever before, but also feel like being vulnerable is more challenging for me now than before
  • My hair finally got long again (hallelujah)

In 2016, I will:

  • Start to feel like myself 100% again in Jesus name, and be healed!!
  • Work on my character instead of physical attributes or goals
  • Start running again (because I enjoy it and it brings me life)
  • Focus on balance and moderation instead of extremes
  • Not be so connected to my phone all the time
  • Walk in peace!
  • Be a better friend to others instead of living that hermit life (it’s bad)
  • Start a Lifegroup with my husband!!! And am super excited about it!!

Amongst other things, I’m sure….

What are some of your goals?? Has God spoken anything for you for 2016? I wanna hear them!

I know I’m kinda vague on here about my health journey the past year, so I wrote it in my about me section on this page… Click the link if you are interested in reading!

Be inspired,


PS this is my 100th post on this blog!! Wahoo!! Let’s celebrate!


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