What I Ate Wednesday #wiaw

2 posts in 2 days? Am I crazy or something?

I just feel really productive today, so I thought, why not write up a blog post while I’m feeling inspired? I love when I am actually a little productive! That’s the challenging part about being self-employed and working mostly from home. I am typically a very disciplined person, but put me in an environment where there are dirty dishes, my Kipling pup, access to Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and the option to stay in my pajamas, and all of the sudden I have no motivation. Nada. Zero. Anyone else? I’ve been having a “Who am I and why do I function like this?” phase the past few months; you know, the kind that makes you question everything you’ve ever known or believed about yourself. But now I just realize what’s really happening is the working-from-home struggle. I am still me, just working at home throws me out of my usual rhythms & disciplines, and I’ve gotta adjust accordingly. Then I’m back to the old me that I know and love.

Wow that tangent took a long time!

Why do I do a “What I Ate Wednesday” post? Well I actually had a day where I happened to snap pictures of everything I ate in a day, which doesn’t happen usually (I know, shocking for me, right?). I also happened to hit my protein goal for the day, so I thought maybe it would give some help and ideas on how to get more protein in your diet without feeling you are a meathead all day errday.

My desire is NOT for this post to be a look-at-me-and-how-awesome-i-eat post, nor a eat-exactly-what-i-eat post, or anything where I want you to feel like you need to compare your diet to mine. I ain’t about that life. Nope.

A big part of what I believe when it comes to nutrition is that we are all different in the amount of food we need, the timing of food, the macronutrient breakdown of the food we eat, the taste of the foods, etc. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. So our diets will look different. It’s worth taking the time to find what works best for YOU individually. How do you do that? For a few days keep track of what you eat, try to focus on protein and produce, and make note throughout the day of your HUNGER, ENERGY, and CRAVINGS. You want your hunger and cravings to be consistently low, and your energy to be high. If any of these 3 indicators are off, then add a little bit more starch to one or two of your meals (preferably before and after workouts) and then try again. See if that helps, and if it does, keep it going. If one or more of the 3 indicators is still off, then maybe add a little fat into two of your meals, and so on.

Your health and the way you eat is a lifelong journey. No, this is not a lose-fat-lose-weight-quick way of figuring out nutrition, but rather a lifelong fat loss LIFESTYLE that allows you to recognize your individual needs and metabolism. Yay for sustainability and consistency!

Where was I? Back to what I ate Wednesday. These meals happened last Wednesday, November 4th.

Photo Nov 04, 7 15 54 AM

7 AM- Woke up and immediately made this- a spiralized sweet potato hash brown (pan-fried), topped with a scramble of Bilinsky turkey cranberry sausage, brussel sprouts, spinach, garlic, and about 4 egg whites. Side of coffee, of course!

Photo Nov 04, 10 13 16 AM10:15 AM- A banana as a mid-morning snack while working, plus another cup of coffee with a little almond milk in it.

Photo Nov 04, 12 14 59 PM12:30 PM- Chicken with caramelized onions (leftovers from the night before, about 6 oz) on top of a few cups of mixed veggies. Side of Ezekiel bread with PB2 and apple butter on top.

Photo Nov 04, 2 30 56 PM2:30 PM- about 4 oz sliced turkey breast, some carrots and these amaaaazing pea snap crisps from Aldi!

Photo Nov 04, 5 02 22 PM5:00 PM- a scoop of chocolate protein powder with one scoop BCAAs (this was after lifting weights for about 45 minutes, before teaching RPM)

Photo Nov 04, 6 46 28 PM7:00 PM (After teaching my RPM class)- 2 of my green chile turkey burgers, side of roasted brussel sprouts, one serving sweet potato chips with some salsa.

I probably had a little handful of dark chocolate chips to finish my night as well 🙂 (not pictured)

So there ya go!!

Photo Nov 04, 7 31 37 PMSo yes, I eat a lot and pretty frequently! But this helps me not get super ravenous and eat all the things (I’m known to eat all the things). I got in about 200g of protein that day which felt awesome!

Do you find these posts helpful and informative, or unnecessary? I may do them more frequently if you guys are thinking this is helpful. If it’s not helpful, then I won’t worry about it 🙂 BE HONEST

Be inspired,



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