Fitness Fridays! Week 6

Can you believe we’re 6 weeks in to our Fitness Fridays adventure?

So far I think it’s going well- what about you guys? Are you enjoying getting some fitness ideas and tips to implement for the week?

This weekend Owen and I are headed to San Antonio and I’m super pumped! My hubby occasionally gets to play with Bryan & Katie Torwalt and the Jesus Culture band, and this weekend they are stopping in good ol’ San Antonio. I get to go with him!

A lot of people freak out about traveling and how it’s going to affect their fitness & goals. I used to be one of those people. But I’m here to say- it’s time to chill out about traveling! The truth is that if you live a fit & active lifestyle, it’s your consistency that’s going to carry your fitness through your vacation, no matter how long or short. It’s your consistency outside of vacation that is the make or break, not one weekend of getting out of your norm. So remember the reason why you are traveling (visiting family, anniversary trip, girlfriend getaway, etc.) and remember that THAT is the focus of your trip, not getting your exercise and eating down perfectly.

That being said, I still try to make healthy eating choices when I can, and try to get a little workout in here and there, even if it’s only 20 minutes. I choose to celebrate what I’m able to do instead of mull over how it’s not my “normal.” A little activity and a little veggies are better than nothing. So choose when you can and move on when you can’t. It’s not going to kill you!

Let’s get on to this workout!

This is totally unrelated to traveling, but I’ve been thinking a lot about corporate life and desk jobs this week. I decided to come up with a little workout you can do at your desk, in your chair, while answering or reading emails! Win-win-win!


The goal here is every hour on the hour (set an alarm on your phone or desktop) to do these 5 moves and then take a 3-5 minute walk around your office. That’s it! It’s simple. Staying active in the workplace is not only important for your body, strength, posture, etc, but also for your mind! It will make you a more focused & creative worker.

So if you have a desk job, let’s kick sedentary lifestyles in the booty and challenge yourself to do these moves every hour on the hour. Let me know how it goes for you guys!

Be inspired,



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