Fitness Fridays! Week 5

Happy Fitness Friday!

Now, I know today is Sunday, not Friday, so let’s call this our first-ever (and maybe not last-ever) Delayed Fitness Friday! You know what they say- Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I was just building the anticipation up a bit so that your hearts are nice and fond.

Why didn’t I post on Friday? Well, I was having my own little fitness Friday up in Lewisville (Dallas) for a Les MIlls Advanced Instructor Module (AIM 1) for a class I teach, RPM. Basically, the company I am certified through, Les Mills, offers extra training after you are certified (kind of like continuing education courses) to give you feedback and help you become an even better instructor. My friend Izzie and I signed up and it was an amazing day full of LOTS of learning!! Although I teach several different classes, RPM was my first step into fitness and is therefore my first fitness love, so I just soaked it all up. Plus, I have some new things to work on to make my teaching and technique even better, which is always a win!

Les Mills also puts on something called a Quarterly, which is an event where their best master trainers from around the world come in and teach master classes for all the Les Mills instructors. They had one this Saturday at the same gym we had our AIM at, so we stayed the night in the metroplex and came the next day, plus a few other instructor friends from Waco came and met us, to get our booties further kicked by some amazing instructors. It is tiring but such a blast! And I have full-body soreness today as a little souvenir.

Some pics:

Representin' the great Gold's Gym Waco!

Representin’ the great Gold’s Gym Waco!


#TeamWaco for lyfe


We started out the day with over 100 other people in a huge BodyPump class. The head trainers showcase all the new music and choreography that we haven’t yet launched in our gyms (but will next month!)

We had a small break and then I went to RPM while the other girls did Grit Cardio and CxWorx. Afterwards we reconvened and went to Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch. Can I just say I’m super pumped we are getting one in Waco??


Waco Grit instructors getting our own booties kicked in a Grit Plyo class

We came back after getting fueled up (we also got a little coffee :)) and did a Grit Plyo class. Wow was it hard! I had to miss the BodyFlow masterclass to able to do it but it was a small dream to get to go to Nikki’s Grit class. I’m so glad I went!!

Nikki is like the queen of Grit and it was so cool to get to take a class from her!

Nikki is like the queen of Grit and it was so cool to get to take a class from her!

Then we finished with a big BodyCombat class, which I’m usually not that great at but I had such a blast doing this one for some reason! After Combat we said our goodbyes, had dinner at Chipotle (duh) and drove home to Waco.


So, I apologize for not getting to post on Friday but just so you know, we were still getting our fitness fun on!

The great news for YOU is that I have a new at-home leg workout that you can do! All that you need is a chair, and make sure that it’s a sturdy one that you won’t worry about falling off of!

Here’s the video of the 4 moves. Do each move 12-15 times per leg and repeat 3-5 times depending on your fitness level. During the moves, keep your chest lifted and your core braced for stability and control. You’ll feel the legs and booty burn! Have fun!

Be inspired,



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