Fitness Fridays! Week 1

I hear from my favorite world-renown blogger (maaaaaybe it’s Juli Bauer from that as a blogger, the best thing you can do is write about what you are passionate about. When you write with passion, you just provide better content because it’s something you love.

So, in an effort to write more about what I’m passionate about, the things that get me excited & giddy, I am adding a new category of posts called “Workouts & Fitness.” These will include fitness tips and workout ideas that hopefully will help you guys (and me, too!) feel continually empowered to stay active, fit, and strong!!! Part of that will be  a fitness post on Fridays called Fitness Fridays. We’ll try it out and see how it goes, yea?

So, want a little insight into what my workout routine looks like these days? Here’s what a typical week looks like for me:

  • Sunday- Possibly a 30-minute Grit Strength class (this is the time the instructors do the class together to practice) + 45 minutes lifting with my husband
  • Monday- 45 minutes lifting with my husband + Teach Grit Plyo class (30 minutes)
  • Tuesday- Rest day or lifting with my husband
  • Wednesday- teach RPM and BodyFlow classes
  • Thursday- Rest day or lifting with my husband
  • Friday- teach RPM + 45 minutes lifting with my husband
  • Saturday- Rest day or lifting with my husband

I know it has something every day on this schedule, but it actually varies depending on when my husband and I work out together. I do at least incorporate one or two rest days per week, either Tuesday or Thursday and then typically on Saturday, too.

My husband and I are doing Jamie Eason Middleton’s lifting plan “From Flat To All That.” I know, funny name…but the goal of the program is to build muscle. If you follow me on social media, then you know that I went to get my body fat percentage tested a few weeks ago at a place where they have a machine called a bod pod. It is one of the most accurate methods of testing for body fat, so I thought I’d give it a try because I was actually nervous maybe my body fat was too low. Well, they sat me down and told me I actually have 30% body fat, riggggghhhttt on the verge of too much body fat! Imagine that. The problem, they said, is not the amount of body fat that I have, but rather the lack of muscle. Their advice? Eat more, lift heavy. Build muscle. 


Although this advice has been pretty popular these days among fitness professionals, paleo bloggers, & Crossfitters, I never really listened to it before. I am a self-proclaimed cardio junkie…I would much rather run for hours than lift weights. Strange, I know. I’m not making this stuff up! So, I did…I trained for marathons and taught tons of RPM classes and never lifted a weight unless I absolutely had to. And I got fairly “lean” as in I lost weight, but I also put my body in major hormonal imbalance and stress because of the excessive amounts of exercise and cardio to maintain this “lean”ness.

I had tried everything basically other than eat more and lift heavy weights. So what did I have to lose?

We are into week 4 of lifting weights and eating more (I mean, a LOT more!). I am pseudo-following Jamie Eason Middleton’s LiveFit Trainer meal plan for phase 1, and I can’t believe how much I’m eating. Protein and carbohydrates at every meal and endless veggies, plus recovery protein shakes full of everything I need for my muscles to grow. I can honestly say I feel so much stronger, can see a definite difference in my body, feel leaner (my clothes are looser), and I’m just much more satisfied. I’ll go back at the end of the month to get my body fat tested again and see if the percentage has improved at all!

So my big advice for this installment of Workouts & Fitness??

Get out of your comfort zone. If you’ve reached a plateau in your fitness and working out is boring, do something different. Sometimes your body just needs something new to spice things up and boost your metabolism!

To start- Try this Kitchenspired Simple At-Home Workout!!:

  • 5 Box Jumps
  • 10 Spider Push Ups
  • 10 Tricep Dips

Repeat 6-10 times, depending on how much time you have! Try to keep the periods of rest in between as short as possible! The moves are modeled below. All you need is some sort of stair or bench. Enjoy!!

Be inspired,



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