Thoughts on Resting

Hi guys!

Long time no see! Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I know I did!

I don’t have a recipe for you guys, but I did want to update you on our marathon training. A lot has happened. For those of you who have been praying for my shin, THANK YOU! I am so happy to tell you that I don’t have a fracture in my shin! So that’s good. I do, however, have a bad case of shin splints. I can still run with shin splints, I just need to be careful and listen to the pain so I don’t overdo it.

The other problem, however, is that I have a bad case of osteoporosis. Not just slight osteoporosis, but pretty bad. So although I don’t have a fracture, my doctor told me that he’s hesitant for me to run the marathon just because of the higher chance of fracture in my bones. That’s when I made the decision to go ahead and change my registration to the half marathon instead of the full. Although this is slightly disappointing, I was super thankful to still be able to do the race in some way and that I can still run!

I started running again with some compression socks to help me recover, but was unfortunately still having some bad pain in my calf and shin this past week. Every time I’ve tried to run, I’ve had to stop. I haven’t really run in a week because of the pain. In addition, my body has just been exhausted. I guess when you take the time to step back a little, all the sudden everything crashes. I have felt the major crash this week. I sleep more than 9 hours a night and still wake up exhausted. My cycling classes are super hard for me again. I can’t go all day or push myself like normal.

Ran the Turkey Trot 10K the day after I was cleared to run again. I was just so thankful to run!!

Ran the Turkey Trot 10K the day after I was cleared to run again. I was just so thankful to run!!

The last time I ran- last Sunday. Compression socks helped but still dealt with a lot of pain!

The last time I ran- last Sunday. Compression socks helped but still dealt with a lot of pain!

To top all of that off, my poor husband was putting Christmas lights on our house on Friday and fell off our roof, with the ladder falling on top of him and landing on his leg. He was put in a boot and crutches and is believed to have fractured his shin (the left one, which is the exact one I’ve hurt). So now he’s out of the marathon this Sunday, too.


Back in November I felt like God spoke this to me:

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Times of greatness are preceded by times of great rest.

I have realized that discipline is one of my top strengths, and although it’s a good thing to be disciplined, I was SO disciplined that it came back and bit me in the booty. I have been disciplined in my own strength to make my own greatness. I’ve been doing it “on my own” instead of submitted to God.

So now I’m taking a season of rest! Yep, rest. I am working out less (although still working out). I am eating more liberally– less restrictions, more listening to my body. Eating when I’m hungry & focusing on what I feel my body needs. The truth is that restricting is not really what my body needs anymore; it’s balance.

Yes, I’m bringing dairy back. And gluten. And yes, sugar, too. All in moderation. I am still staying mostly paleo because those are the foods I’ve grown to enjoy and crave. But I’m eating a cookie when I want one or some yogurt with granola. I am still eating veggies and eggs for breakfast but I’m putting little bits of creamer in my coffee again. I am not swinging completely to the opposite end of the spectrum, but I’m hoping to bring more balance and less structure.

I know this is usually the opposite of what people perceive as “getting healthy,” but in order for me to be healthy in this season, this is what I need to do. Health is about learning, being open, and listening to your body and your heart. It’s about being willing to change what you want and what’s comfortable in order to be better. Discipline and crazy restrictions have become comfortable for me. I can’t be better if I don’t get out of my comfort zone. I know that taking the time to really rest will allow me to enter into the greatness that God has for me in the future. 

I’m thankful for your support in the journey. I am so blown away by how everyone has supported and loved Owen and I, encouraging us along the long journey of marathon training. I am still thankful for the time I had to train. I miss long runs like no one’s business. I miss the comfort of having crazy structure, meal prepping, and knowing exactly what to eat and when. I feel a little vulnerable, but I’m confident that for once in my health journey Jesus is head over what I do, and not myself. I want to be submitted to Him! That’s my heart. This is just how He’s getting me there!

If you read this whole thing, wow! Props to you! My hope for you is that you can also find balance and freedom in your health journey. Next time I promise I will come prepared with a recipe in hand. Don’t you worry!

Be inspired (even in weakness),



8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Resting

  1. Read the whole thing and more inspired than ever. I am 12 weeks pregnant and nothing has been more challenging because I HAVE to slow down. I literally have struggled so much because I feel like I’m not producing or performing like I should. God has been so gracious with my heart in this season, but this post really hit home. Thanks for sharing your life- it’s so inspiring!

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    • That’s so encouraging Sarah!! Thanks for sharing that. It feels vulnerable writing something like this, but knowing it hits home with at least one person always makes it worth it. Congrats, by the way!!


  2. Wow Lex,
    It is awesome to hear this. I too am in a season of resting from crazy food restrictions. I have found myself sipping on 2% milk and eating bread here and there. I think sometimes our bodies just need some freedom. Crazy! I am just so used to the slightest nibble of something on my “no” list sending my body into shock! So it is just interesting learning to deal with less restrictions–and be able to choose from lots more options. Thanks for sharing this. Makes me feel remember that right restrictions aren’t always “better” or “healthier”.
    Can’t wait to see what new passions to discover in this season!

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