Recent Adventures in Cooking- Birthday Week Edition

Hi guys!

Well thank you all for my happy birthday wishes this weekend. It was truly one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had!! I feel so deeply blessed to be able to call you guys friends and family.

We started Saturday morning in San Antonio. Two of our friends got married there the night before and Owen was the best man, so we ended up spending the night. I just wanted to do things that I love, so I woke up super early (which I love) and ran a sweaty 4.3 miles (I love running and sweating!) Then Owen and I went to the river walk to find a place to eat some breakfast. (I love breakfast) We thought there would be a lot more options since there are so many restaurants down there, but we were wrong. There are a lot of restaurants there, but very few are open for breakfast! It was still a beautiful walk with perfect weather down on the riverwalk. If you haven’t been I highly recommend!!

We settled at this hole-in-the-wall Mexican place that’s open 24 hours called “The Original.” I got a chorizo & egg taco and a potato & egg taco. It was so filling and perfect since I really wanted something savory. Owen gave me my presents which were amazing!!! He got me a cute shirt, an immersion blender, and a Polar HR monitor!!! I love them all!!!

Then we left San Antonio and on the way out, stopped at Starbucks to get my birthday drink. I treated myself to a caramel macchiatto…I usually don’t get those anymore!

We drove the 3 hours with NO traffic which was a miracle, especially through Austin. Then we got home and Owen left to get things set up for my party. I was a little tired so I ended up taking a long nap up until the party.

Owen threw me the party of the century!! It was just perfect for me, honestly. Some of my best girl friends came over to my in-laws’ house, and my coworker came as well to lead us in a private Body Flow class! After the class was finished, my friends told me that they (plus lots of others) had raised money for me to buy a lens for my camera!!! I have been trying to save up to buy a lens for a long time! I couldn’t BELIEVE it!!!! 🙂 Then my husband had set up tons of fruit, almond butter, almond milk, ice and greek yogurt with lots of blenders for us to make our own smoothies. It was the best!

20140804-132423-48263564.jpgThen my parents drove in right after the party and took us to dinner at Fuji Japanese steakhouse. I am so thankful and honored that they drove all the way down just to take us out to dinner!

Here are some of the things I enjoyed all throughout this past week:

Last Saturday I went to the farmer’s market since it’s my treat day, and indulged in a little lemon blueberry scone. It was DELISH!



We also went to Dallas last Saturday to go see Les Mis at Dallas Theatre Center. We went to dinner at The Company Cafe, which was an awesome restaurant with an all gluten-free menu. I got this amazing burger and SP fries!



Sunday morning was leftover spaghetti squash, zucchini, and an egg nestled right in the middle.



Meal prep week 2 was a success!!



Sunday night guac burgers, our new tradition, happened last week with my new recipe for Sweet & Spicy Mango Guacamole! Yum!



My husband was out of town starting Wednesday night, so I came home after teaching spin and made this delicious shrimp & beet stir fry with lots of olive oil, garlic, and zucchini noodles. Basically, all the things he hates.



Woke up Thursday morning wanting to make cookies with some bananas that were about to go bad, so I did. I made PaleOMG’s recipe for Elvis cookies minus the bacon because I was lazy.



Friday morning we had breakfast in the hotel. Although I wasn’t trying to “be good” in terms of eating this weekend, I still wanted to eat well when I could. Luckily the breakfast buffet at the hotel was better than expected!



I got (purposefully) lost in San Antonio on Friday afternoon before the wedding and found this cutesy little popsicle/ice cream place. I had to stop. This coconut pop was so good.



Birthday morning breakfast tacos:



Birthday evening sushi and hibachi!



Sunday lunch dessert- mini blueberry galettes my sweet sister-in-law Emily made.



Obviously, birthday week involved a lot of sweet treats, which I’m totally okay with. I think there’s allowed to be a balance when celebrating something that only comes once a year! However, today my body feels a little off and I’m so ready to be back on track!

Be inspired,



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