Recent Adventures in Cooking

Hi everyone!

I don’t have a recipe for you guys today. I have been cooking other people’s recipes and my old recipes and have forgotten to make up my own. That’s okay, though! I will be back on it in no time. Sometimes I just need a little break to get my creative juices flowing again.

Also, I want you guys to know that I made a grocery shopping video and will be doing a small series on this blog about grocery shopping tips. There’s just so much info that I will need to break it up into a couple posts. I am having some technical difficulties loading the video but it will be up soon! Thanks for your patience!

My goal with posting my recent adventures in cooking is to give you guys some ideas if you don’t know what to cook in the coming weeks. I link any recipes I use below so that you can try it out as well.

So this past week was a fun and crazy week! I definitely had some food adventures. The first one: Meeting Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and George Bryant from Civilized Caveman Cooking, authors of The Paleo Kitchen cookbook!! Owen & I drove down to Austin last Monday on our date night and I loved getting to hear from them. They are so nice, kind, helpful, and even more hilarious in person somehow. Just really down to earth. And now my cookbook is signed 🙂



The next day I wanted pancakes but didn’t have any kind of almond or coconut flour. I just needed something easy. I made simple banana blueberry pancakes from 2 bananas, 1 egg, some blueberries, vanilla extract, & cinnamon, and just cooked them up. They were the BOMB.



Also last week I made PaleOMG pizza spaghetti pie. I’ve made this multiple times before but it’s been a while. BOY was it GOOD! I almost forgot how good it was! I am actually making it again for dinner tonight because I want more 🙂



Friday night we had someone over for dinner. I wasn’t planning on making anything on Friday so we didn’t have a lot in the fridge. Time to get creative!! I basically threw all of our remaining veggies from the week in a pan and sauteed them with garlic and balsamic vinegar, added it to some quinoa. I also made tilapia with some of my mustard dill marinade, and roasted some sweet potatoes. It was colorful and surprisingly fantastic!




Saturday is my “cheat” day (although I don’t really like calling it “cheat” since that has such a negative connotation…to each his own). Owen and I went on a walk with Kipling since it was only like 70 degrees outside, and he got a cookie dough cupcake from the local cupcake stand. They didn’t have any gluten free, so I went across the street to Outdoor Waco and grabbed this delicious blueberry muffin from Crav. It was a tasty little treat for our walk!



We also went up to visit my family on Saturday. My parents treated us to some Fuzzy Taco’s…now, they’re not as good as Torchy’s but I love tacos so I was fine with it. 🙂 I had a grilled fish taco and a shredded beef taco.



#sundaynightguacburgers is becoming a little bit of a tradition in our house 🙂 I made Sweet Plantain Guacamole from the Paleo Kitchen again and put it on top of some of my Garlic Zucchini Turkey Burgers. Add some sweet potato fries on the side and it was perfect!



I just needed Panang Curry on Monday night date night. I needed it. I don’t love eating rice so I ate about half of that little pile. The curry doesn’t really need anything with it 🙂



I’ve been trying to get more protein in my diet. With teaching spin so much (twice a day plus any other classes/workouts), I have been more intentional with what I eat. I realized that most of my calories throughout my day were coming from fat, then carbs, then a little bit from protein. This is why I haven’t been recovering as well and have been a little tired. SO I’ve been trying this protein powder on my extra busy days to help me recover. I think it tastes so good and contains good ingredients! Plus I like that it is protein from eggs and not whey… My stomach doesn’t like whey too much. Any protein powders you guys recommend?



Lastly, I meal prepped for the first time EVER on Sunday!! My sweet mother in law bought me a bunch of new tupperware that was on sale, so I was extra motivated to use it! And I honestly have LOVED it this week! It has made life so much easier. I prepped some breakfasts by hard boiling 8 eggs (2 for each day, which I will also pair with bananas). I also prepped my lunches by making a pound of lean turkey, roasting veggies that were on sale at HEB (all of them cost me 99 cents), and some roasted sweet potatoes. My lunch is pictured below. I packaged them in 4 containers for the week. So easy!



Anything you guys made this week that you have loved? Anything you want to adventure in making this upcoming week? I want to make something with a cherry/strawberry/bacon combo. Because bacon makes everything better.

Be inspired,



3 thoughts on “Recent Adventures in Cooking

  1. I’m so jealous you got to meet George and Juli! I was super sad I couldn’t go but things were just super crazy that week. I meal prep all the time and you’re totally right! It’s a lifesaver. Also I don’t know how the heck you manage to do 2 spin classes a day. I would be toast! I’m lucky if I get in 4 workouts a week so more power to ya! I hope you find a protein powder you like. My husband likes SFH but that may be whey based.


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