Recipe Review: Sweet Potato Hash

I ran the Bearathon half marathon yesterday!!

I ran with my dear friend Abby!

I ran with my dear friend Abby!

My amazing husband cheering me on!

My amazing husband cheering me on!

Honestly, it was hard. If you haven’t heard, the Bearathon is the “hardest half in Texas” because it goes through a lot of hills. I hadn’t been training too much, especially not on hills. Abby and I did awesome on the hills, which were all during miles 5-9. Then miles 10 to the end, I just felt exhausted. My body hurt and all I wanted to do was walk. Abby is an amazing motivator and encourager, though. Our only two goals were to make it to the end and to run the entire time without walking! She pushed me and kept those goals ahead of us. I wouldn’t have done it without her!

Yesterday I was reminiscing and realized that in the last 4 months, I’ve run three half-marathons and one 10k!! I’m so proud of myself!! Sorry if that’s a little cocky, but I’ve got to celebrate these things!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a recipe review. Whoa baby.

In my post last week, I briefly talked about how when we need breakthrough, the best thing to do is to get behind others and support them. What better way to do that than to feature one of my favorite recipes from my one of my favorite paleo food bloggers?

Today’s recipe is brought to you by Cassy of Fed and Fit! Seriously, if you guys haven’t checked out her blog yet, you need to do it right now. I’ve had the privilege of meeting her in person a couple of months ago, and she is absolutely delightful! Plus, her recipes are the bomb, her photography is beautiful, and her dog is super cute.

The recipe I’m reviewing is her Paleo Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash. This recipe is a STAPLE in our house. This is kind of sad, but I have the recipe memorized because I’ve made it so much. It’s so easy, doesn’t use a lot of ingredients, and my husband and housemate LOVE it! They request it all the time! So if you need something easy that is a for-sure hit with your family, check out this recipe! Click on the link above to get the ingredients and full recipe.


Preparation: This recipe doesn’t need a lot of prep; however, I do suggest grating your sweet potatoes ahead of time as much as possible! I’ve burned my onions one too many times from having to grate my potatoes and it taking longer than I expected!

Adjustments I made: Since I don’t have a cheese grater (lame, I know), I use a potato peeler and just make my hash more like thin strips. Also, I add a bunch of kale to it when I add the sweet potatoes to the pan to get some green in it!

Review: Try this recipe NOW. I like it because it’s so versatile. As you can see, I added kale. I think it would also be yummy with maybe some mushrooms or spinach. You can get creative with it! Also, we rarely eat this for breakfast. It works great as a dinner since it is so filling and satisfying!

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