A Rant About Fear + Breakfast Lettuce Wraps

Here is the question of the year for me that I want to ask you guys today:

nofearWhat would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Seriously, though. What would you do if you didn’t have ANY fear? No fear of what others think? No fear of failure? No fear of embarrassment? No fear of not being able to support yourself, your family, or your loved ones? No fear of the future? No fear of the impossible or the unknown? What do you think you would do if these things no longer scared you?

This question is the theme of my life recently. I have always been someone who is held back by fear & insecurity. I have always been known to take the “safe” route, to stick to the comfortable and easy. In my head, I saw it as logic and wisdom, something that is a friend & helps me, or even just accepted it as my personality type.

But I think that’s the thing about fear. It tells us that it’s our friend, that it’s looking out for us and helping us. It tells us that it is logical and wise, safe and comforting. If it tells us these things enough, then we end up believing it, defaulting to fear, needing fear in order to feel safe.

The truth is that fear is the enemy! It tricks us to trap us. It knows that we are powerful and influential beyond what we know. It keeps us safe, comfortable, insecure and unsure so that we don’t reach our full potential. The truth is that without fear, we are limitless. We have the ability to pursue what makes us passionate and live a life filled with purpose beyond ourselves. It makes me just so dang mad at fear when I think about all the ways I’ve limited myself over the years just because I bought into the deceptive mindset fear brings. Think about it for your own life.

So I’ll ask it again: What would YOU do if you weren’t afraid? Seriously. Would you go for that dream job that seems impossible? Go back to school to study something you are actually passionate about? Run a race? Would you start volunteering somewhere in your free time? Would you finally try that spin class or boot camp because you don’t really care if you look like the “new person?” (Hint hint…) Would you even start up a food blog that you’ve wanted to start for years but are scared of because you feel like you can’t write or can’t actually help people? (That one sounds familiar)

It’s the first day of March. Let’s take this month, as spring starts to spring up around us again and new life shows its face, to do something we are typically afraid of. I want you to do something you are curious about, secretly passionate about, or just have always wanted to do but have felt insecure about. Just go for it. If you fail, so what? I think the liberation you will experience from getting out of your invisible fear cage will be worth it.

Comment below with what you want to challenge yourself to do this month to overcome fear! Let’s do this thing together!

Now that you’ve accepted the challenge, you can move on to the recipe for today. 🙂
This recipe is a different spin on breakfast. I’ve really been into asian-style lettuce wraps recently and thought- why not do this with breakfast, too? This recipe is simple, easy, and flavorful. When my friend Jillian over at Newly Bread posted her recipe for peanut sauce yesterday, I thought it would be a perfect addition to this delicious meal! Make sure you go check out her awesome food blog. We used to live together in college and her blog was a big inspiration for me to start up Kitchenspired!

Breakfast Lettuce Wraps
Makes about 4-5 wraps

  • 1 cup broccoli slaw (sliced broccoli, carrots, and cabbage)
  • 2 tbsp coconut aminos or gluten-free soy sauce
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp ground ginger
  • 3 eggs
  • 4-5 large lettuce or cabbage leaves
  • Optional- some of Jillian’s peanut sauce from Newly bread (check out her amazing blog!!)


  1. Heat up a medium-sized pan over medium heat. Once heated, add your broccoli slaw, coconut aminos, olive oil, and ground ginger.
  2. Sautee veggie mixture for about 4-5 minutes, or until veggies are cooked and tender.
  3. Add your eggs to the pan, and continually mix the eggs and veggies together while they cook, scrambling the eggs.
  4. Once the eggs are cooked through, remove pan from heat and add a couple scoops of the egg mixture into a lettuce or cabbage leaf. Top with peanut sauce if desired, wrap, and enjoy!

Be inspired and unafraid today,



8 thoughts on “A Rant About Fear + Breakfast Lettuce Wraps

  1. Thank you, Alexa! I love watching and getting to be a tiny part of your journey! It’s so encouraging. Loved the days of living together, wish we could all still share each other’s clothes and laugh together daily 😄


  2. So good Alexa! Fear was never my struggle until I got married and had a child. Now fear creeps at my doorstep almost daily. I hate it but love that it leads me to Jesus. When those visions of loss or disaster or lack come, I can rebuke them and ask Jesus to reveal the truth, to keep me be in the moment with him, to believe all things are possible as we walk with Him. I walked down the aisle to “God of the Impossible.” He reminds me of that when I struggle with fear regarding future and family. Without fear (and with more time :)), I would write a devotional. I actually started one back in 2008, just wrote what God said to me on my journey of healing. I shared it with some people but never had the guys to move forward with it. I also pray that fear, especially my own, would never hinder my son from doing whatever God calls him to do! One last thing, I made your sweet potato, kale, chorizo soup I think 4 times! It’s so good!


    • Thanks for sharing Sonya!! You are an amazing mom and your son is blessed to have you model finding courage is Jesus! I’m amazed at you! And I would totally buy any and all devotionals you would write 🙂


  3. I want to venture into weight lifting. not like a body builder or anything- but I think ive built a routine of cardio and machines I know and I would love to explore into what it looks like to work with weights. its kind of intimidating because I don’t know what im doing, but its new and I want to be apart of it and see what I can learn! no matter how silly or weak I look 🙂


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  5. Bah! This post is so awesome! I am about to e-mail it to my friends. I don’t think I have ever really heard it that way. Fear totally is just scared of US. Thanks for the inspiring words! I will remember this..


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