Welcome to Kitchenspired!

Welcome to Kitchenspired.com!

I’m so excited to launch this blog!! If you don’t know me, my name is Alexa. It’s so great to meet you! You can check out some info about me in my “About Me” page by clicking the link on top. But I also wanted to share a little bit more of my story with you here so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

I’ve spent lots of time trying to think about what I want to write in this first initial post. It’s an important post, you know! This is where it all begins!

But I realized that if there’s anything I want you to get from this blog, it is hope. Hope that even though you may not find yourself to be the best cook, you can still work through the trial and (many) errors to still make good meals with real ingredients. Hope that even if you haven’t always been the best at making healthy choices, today is a new day to make progress. Hope that this journey is all about the process and NOT perfection!

I never really learned to cook. In college, my diet consisted of a lot of cans of black beans microwaved in a bowl with some cumin on top…seriously. If it wasn’t that, it was fast & cheap food. I thought that being healthy & cooking actual meals for myself involved too much time & effort. In addition, I never exercised. I had a pretty high metabolism through high school and college, but although I was fairly skinny, I had high cholesterol and couldn’t even run a quarter of a mile. Making healthy choices was not my forte.

Then I got married and all of the sudden I had to cook for someone else. Surprisingly, Owen didn’t love microwaved black beans for dinner every day of the week. I was determined to make him delicious meals but also learned the importance of eating real, whole, healthy foods. All I did was find recipes online and tried them out. I made a lot of mistakes, and there were plenty of tears shed (falafel is still my nemesis). But the important thing was that I kept going and pushing myself, and I made a commitment to press in even when it was hard!

Around that time, I also started exercising consistently. Long story short- I get the awesome privilege of being a spin cycling instructor and leading people in awesome workouts a few times a week! More on that journey later.

All that to say, my journey to valuing a healthy lifestyle didn’t happen overnight. And to encourage all of you- what doesn’t challenge you won’t change you. If you press in to the challenge committed to growing, you will find that change you are wanting!

This blog will focus on healthy recipes made with real, whole foods, that are easy, convenient, and won’t break the bank. I am not perfect, no expert cook, and am definitely still in the journey to a healthy lifestyle, but I have committed to focus on progress and not perfection. Wanna join me in the journey?


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